Smart Phone Apps (Not available for download as of Jan 2012)

  • BART/ SF Muni, SamTrans, CalTrain, all Real-time! Plus VTA schedules; (Caltrain real-time data feed has been terminated)
  • Plan transit trips using mobile phone
  • Check real-time Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of buses / trains using your iPhone / iPod or Android phone
  • Download trip plans that were made using the web-based trip planner
  • Bus/Train arrival alerts
  • "Your stop next" alerts, time to your destination update
  • Future Features: Look up schedules for bus / train routes using your iPhone / iPod or Android phone

Screenshots (iPhone and Android)

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Safety reminder
The PATH2Go mobile application was designed to provide both transit and park-and-ride information and alerts. It should not be used while you are driving. "Geofencing" has been incorporated to prevent PATH2Go application to be used when used in a car. When such circumstance is detected, a warning "Application Disabled while Driving" together with a graphical sign (triangle and exclamation point icon) will be displayed.
The University of California and its project sponsors and partners shall not be held liable if you receive a ticket or are involved in a car accident while the PATH2Go application is loaded or active on your cell phone.

Download the iPhone version of PATH2Go by following clicking here or searching for "PATH2Go" in the iTunes Store.
Download the Android version of PATH2Go by searching for "PATH2Go" in the Android Marketplace from your android handset.
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If you have a supported smart phone, create an account and sign in, then follow the instructions on this page to download the application.

For Windows Mobile Phone users, you can choose either to get a text message sent to your phone containing a link to where you can download the PATH2Go mobile application, or choose to download the application directly from this page. If you have an iPhone or Android, you will need to download from the iTune store or the Android market place.

Once you have downloaded the PATH2Go mobile application on your phone, you will need to enter the username and password created here to activate the application.

Note: We do not save your mobile phone number.

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Supported phones

  • iPhone

  • Android phones

  • Windows Mobile Phones ...list