How do I participate?

  • Sign up: All participants of the research project will need to create an account before using the applications. Please go to "create account" page and follow the instructions therein;
  • Use the Applications: After sign up, you will be able to use our web based real-time transit application and multi-modal trip planner with full functionality. You can also download the mobile application (PATH2Go) to your phone from here; Supported phones include iPhone, Android phones (coming soon) and Windows Mobile smart phones with GPS support (a list can be found here).
  • Tell us what do you think about our applications: Please help with our research by filling up the survey on our web site. If you take one of our surveys or give us some feedback here, your email address will be entered into a monthly drawing for one of the $100 gift certificates.

What is "PATH2Go"?

"PATH2Go" integrates a suite of web-based and mobile-phone-based applications to provide travelers with real-time, multimodal transit information. The web-based trip planner allows you to plan and compare trips using any combination of driving and/or transit. You can compare trips using different modes of travel based on travel time, cost, or even the carbon footprint. Once you have planned a trip, you can then send that trip to your mobile phone application, which will provide you with real-time updates on bus or train arrival times.Your mobile phone will even give you an alert when approaching your stop!

The project is actually a research field test that is being conducted by California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) at U.C. Berkeley in partnership with Caltrans, the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), of the U.S. Department of Transportation), the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) and private partners including NAVTEQ, ParkingCarma, and SpeedInfo. Networked Traveler was funded as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's IntelliDrive program, and is being conducted from August to November, 2010.

The PATH2Go mobile application was designed to provide both transit and park-and-ride information and alerts. It should not be used while you are driving. "Geofencing" has been incorporated to prevent PATH2Go application to be used when used in a car. When such circumstance is detected, a warning "Application Disabled while Driving" together with a graphical sign (triangle and exclamation point icon) will be displayed.

PATH2Go Innovations

Web Based Trip Planner

  • Plan a trip along the 101 corridor in the San Francisco Bay Area;
  • Compare modes (Park & ride at CalTrain and BART, public transit, bicyling or driving) based on attributes such as travel time with current traffic, cost, and carbon footprint
  • Send a planned trip to the smartphone companion application
  • Get real-time information about selected public transit routes in the bay area
  • Get real-time information about available parking spaces for selected CalTrain parking lots

Mobile Smartphone Application ... tell me more

  • BART/ SF Muni, SamTrans, CalTrain, all Real-time! Plus VTA schedules; (Caltrain real-time data feed has been terminated)
  • Plan transit trips using mobile phone
  • Check real-time Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of buses / trains using your iPhone / iPod or Android phone
  • Download trip plans that were made using the web-based trip planner
  • Bus/Train arrival alerts
  • "Your stop next" alerts, time to your destination update
  • Future Features: Look up schedules for bus / train routes using your iPhone / iPod or Android phone

Log in or sign up to download the mobile application to your phone, for free!

Research Publications

  • L.P. Zhang, J.Q. Li, K. Zhou, S. Datta Gupta, M. Li, W.-B. Zhang, M. A. Miller, J. A. Misener, Design and Implementation of a Traveler Information Tool with Integrated Real-time Transit Information and Multi-modal Trip Planning, Sicuro Italia farmacia viagra generico online 100mg e 50mg, TRB Annual Meeting 2011, also to appear on Transportation Research Record, [pdf]
  • J.Q. Li, K.Zhou, L.P. Zhang, W.-B. Zhang, A Multimodal Trip Planning System Incorporating the Park-and-Ride Mode and Real-time Traffic/Transit Information, ITS World Congress 2010, Busan Korea, [pdf]
  • L. P. Zhang, et al., Connected Traveler- toward the field testing of a multi-modal mobile traveler information system, ITS World Congress 2010, Busan, Korea

Contact about the research and development of the project

  • Liping Zhang Caliofornia PATH, email: lpzhang@path.berkeley.edu
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